My Teach India Souvenirs

Imagine you get a 5 ingredient mix; 100 days, hands-full of books, 7 fantastic days of training, a mug with your name printed and eventually your learners. What do you think you can cook out of it?


What do you think; such a life is worth for?


At least it did for me. It made me meet ‘a few people’ among the world’s population- who said they ‘need’ me. They heeded my words and perhaps my actions as well. Perhaps they followed me and perhaps intrigued my happiness (sometimes). Imagine a relationship where no money is implicated, no caste or religion, no external force (pull or push) is accountable to establish the bond between you, where the business evolves on the principles of exchange of intangible commodities. Isn’t it like volunteering (from both sides), to cement the bond. The idea of such a affiliation isn’t bizarre for a ‘Teach India Volunteer’ and his ‘Learners’.

Suriender once asked me if he could be a volunteer like me, I told him to complete his graduation first. I never told him that he won’t be encouraged to do so (at least here). Perhaps kiran liked being pointed out frequently for speaking in Hindi. A few of them had their own expectations as well.Perhaps Kuldeep and Gagan always expected to have fun. I wonder! Renu is the wisest one. Many others among them too did their able labor to bless my resume and what all they took is- 12,000 minutes…


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