MAD cooks happiness

Food has to its credits, the power to bring people closer.
So, this time at MAD, we thought to cook happiness, garnish it with lots of ecstasy and serve it with delight.
At Delightful cooking 2.0 held recently at MAD Delhi presented by EATLO, food did wonders to fetch foodies throughout the city to treat their taste buds. While the fundraiser event was a success for the 2nd time, MAD at its maiden attempt partnered with the Women’s Health and PREVENTION magazine (by INDIA TODAY Group) as our media partners. While Chef Rishi (Sattviko, gk II) – exhibited his culinary skills to please the connoisseurs, Dr. Neelanjana Singh (Nutritionist at DC) steered all throughout the session with her expertise and insight. The two-day event witnessed pack house and also Ms. Rupali Datta (the programme manager at Fortis Healthcare and National Head Nutrition process) in conversation with our guests. And the best part we simply loved the vegetarian feast.
Since our interests lie in helping our kids at risk, all the proceeds went for their education. Nothing else could give us much pleasure and strength than this for the reason that #it all starts with us.
We believe in sharing. Be it food or anything. Our recipe is simple. Pour hard work and dedication and saturate it with buckets of smile. Stir the mixture vigorously. You’ll get to #MAD


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