What ‘they’ can’t do?


When President Obama went to a school in America during his organizing days, he asked the children what they wanted to be. Their answers stunned him as some wanted to be Doctors, others Lawyers and some even Astronauts. He could see their eyes blooming with those distant dreams, when the school principal told him that soon that all would change. The hopes will start fading from their eyes, when they’ll realize that their hopes wouldn’t come pleased. They’d become victims of low expectations. Not because they weren’t talented or smart enough, but because as a matter of fate they happened to be born in a wrong world.

Education has nurtured the civilizations over the years. However, the problems with the education systems have been haunting the nations worldwide. Even the wealthiest ones! Because over these years; governments have begin to realize the importance of the quality education. That only education and nothing else can empower and evolve the societies. PISA ( Program for International Student Assessment), OECD’s test for testing the knowledge and skills of 15 years olds around the world elucidates that how international comparisons have globalized the field of education which earlier was treated as a mere domestic policy. They have come up with appalling results which show the actual scenario of the school education throughout the world.

PISA countries’ comparisons (excluding INDIA) which scale the countries around the world according to their quality of education. USA ranks 1 in 1960’s dropped to 13 in 90’s while Korea emerging the leader.

Education needs money? – Educators often blame the equity for the failures of the education systems. However, what we can derive from the above results is that it is- not the real setback. Even the countries which spend massive amounts per student lack in setting up a competent education system. Andreas Schleicher (a German statistician and researcher in the field of education), explains how 2 generations ago Korea had the standard of living of Afghanistan today and was amongst the lowest education performers. Today every young Korean finishes high school. What has really shaped the likes of countries such as Korea or Finland- is the policy makers ‘outlook towards the education. Also their realization, that the education is one basic necessity next to the food and shelter and it’s their liability to grant it to every child.

Who’s the pilot?The engines which drive the education systems throughout the globe wobble when it comes to Accountability of the policy makers. Also, a very few credit the most significant fuel – the Teachers. Teachers mould the entire system to its correct proportions. Figures show that the countries which invested well in the teaching profession fascinated the best talents towards taking up the teaching jobs.

The ‘Not so Fat’ Indian story… -The education system in India is still struggling to expand its reich to all the sections of society which coexist here. Each section posing a trademark set of obstacles as it grows and evolves. In a country where only 1 out of 10 children finishes a school including thousands who had never been to one, India lands nowhere in global comparisons. Pecuniary hitches, which in due course lead to other major fundamental problems of infrastructure and teachers’ affordability, are also malevolent. Also a male chauvinistic society adds to the pound –it’s part of not sending a wider majority of girls to the schools.


The curriculum woes have always troubled the policy makers here. Hitherto our education system has followed the colonial framework and hasn’t evolved much. It doesn’t accords with the consensus. Rather it destabilizes by the induction of factor such as reservations.

Privatization of the education systems over the world has made education state of the art, has it made it better? Has it made education available to the maximum? Or perhaps, has it only added its share to the economies?

To improve the education systems over the world; educators, teachers, policy makers and most importantly parents need to be accredited that learning isn’t a task but an activity. Education isn’t about memorizing e=mc2 but to comprehend its exquisiteness. What learners extrapolate from what they are taught should be focused rather than their grades.

Also, education can’t be a success unless differences based upon fiscal conditions reign in classrooms education should be accessible for all. We need to reward skills, innovation, creativity and even failures in our classrooms. Students need to be taught that wisdom thy wealth.

Reforming education system isn’t as difficult as moving graveyards. It just needs eyes blooming with those distant dreams of higher expectations and people talented or smart enough to happen to make it a right world.


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