António Guterres: Refugees have the right to be protected

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António Guterres: Refugees have the right to be protected

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What ‘they’ can’t do?


When President Obama went to a school in America during his organizing days, he asked the children what they wanted to be. Their answers stunned him as some wanted to be Doctors, others Lawyers and some even Astronauts. He could see their eyes blooming with those distant dreams, when the school principal told him that soon that all would change. The hopes will start fading from their eyes, when they’ll realize that their hopes wouldn’t come pleased. They’d become victims of low expectations. Not because they weren’t talented or smart enough, but because as a matter of fate they happened to be born in a wrong world. Continue reading



Our country wasn’t the same yesterday! In fact, it wasn’t the same when I wrote this article.

With India marked as the third largest start-up hub in the world (it was fourth largest in 2014), the figures have crossed 4200 and is expected to show the growth of 40% by the end of 2015. By the year 2020, these figures are likely to surge to 11,500, employing over 250k people. From an IT hub, to a young start-up nation, our ecosystem is swiftly gearing up in the correct air.

India is a strong $1.8T economy, growing at 7.5% GDP growth (highest amongst the BRIC this year) which is certainly expected to remain (if not grow) by 2016. However, The Big Fat Indian startup story accounts for a number of protagonist and antagonist factors:

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Justice is an elementary principle of any civilization. Terms like exploitation, discrimination, ignorance and prohibition are universal and exist everywhere. It is then, when an unbiased justice plays a vital role to bring back the dignity of any guiltless citizen.

We live in a country, which is certainly the world’s largest democracy. It is a socialist republic which signifies fraternity, liberty, equality and social, economic and political justice. During the times when our constitution was being framed out, our former leaders ensured its flexibility over the diversity of our people, which still exists. They checked its litheness and were convinced that our constitution is the best probable outcome to establish a democracy as large as ours.
However, over the globe; Continue reading